Frank Jackson

Frank Jackson specializes in seeing the light. Whether it’s as a premiere corporate photographer for Transamerica, an internationally recognized fine art photographer or as the street photographer who always has at least one camera with him (by the way, he says he doesn’t shoot streets).

Frank’s unique vision has been distilled through the lens of his journey into a deceptively simple view showcasing light and shadow. His personality is much like his work. He’s someone who lives his life one day at a time. He lives his art, simple yet sophisticated and without pretense (even when wearing a beret). He carries his life with him in his Thinktank backpack as he rides around Hollywood on his Vespa and travels throughout Europe. He’s like an Eagle Scout who collects photography badges – always prepared. He’s likely to have a Leica M6 and a Panasonic Gx1 in his bag and there might even be a Hasselblad or a toy camera – you never know. He started carrying digital cameras to “proof” his film shots and then found himself choosing digital as his primary tool more often than he expected.

Frank has a seminar that grew from his path to digital called “Compact Carry Cameras for Fine Art” which he presented at 2012 PhotoLA and at the Palm Springs Photo Festival for Samy’s Camera. He’s also teaching a Digital Black and White assignment class that features the Nik Silver Efex Pro plug-in for B&W conversions in Adobe Lightroom with final printing on the Epson 4900 using Epson Exhibition Fiber paper. As a Leica shooter, Frank leads the yearly street photography class sponsored by Leica where each student is furnished with a Leica M digital camera and lens for the day.

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