Gregg Cobarr

Gregg Cobarr has over thirty years of professional photography experience with such music industry clients as Columbia and Epic Records, RCA, Capitol, Universal Music Group, Curb and Warner Music. In the TV and movie industry, he has done work for 20th Century Fox and Columbia Pictures. Gregg has photographed such music artists as: Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Ringo Starr, Led Zeppelin and many, many more. He holds a Bachelors Degree from Brooks Institute of Photography and a Master of Fine Arts Degree from California Institute of the Arts. Gregg’s work has been published both nationally and internationally in addition to numerous awards for his photography. He has had several exhibitions in Europe and the U.S. and has given Master Classes at International Photo Fairs in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia. Gregg does workshops both nationally and internationally for Nikon and continues to do Entertainment/Celebrity and Fashion photography both in the U.S. and in Europe. Recently, Gregg’s photos have been featured on both the NBC Today Show and the CNN Piers Morgan Tonight Show.

Classes and workshops for Samy’s Camera EDU

  • Better Photo’s Now
  • Better Photo’s Now Level 2
  • Solvang Travel Workshop

Student Testimonials

I just want to thank you for teaching me photography. I have been trying to learn photography on my own through books and online videos for ages but nothing compares to what I learned from you in 3 hours. It was clear, concise and easy to understand. Your class made me feel like a professional photographer. I was amazed with the pictures I took in your class. I never imagined I can take those kind of pictures. I am so excited on what I can do with the knowledge you taught me. I cannot thank you enough and will forever be grateful. – Dean Castano

Gregg I want to give you a heart felt “THANK YOU”! Your class, Better Photos Now, delivered just what it said. Better Photos, Now!! I see what I want to see at capture; a ready product. The photos we shot today needed very little adjustment if any and the time saved editing left me thinking,”what do I do next”?!? Sir I’ve called several of my friends and other photographers and recommended your class to them. In case you missed it the first time let me say it again…thank you. – Edward Cunningham Sr.

I consider myself to be an amateur photographer. I just love taking photos! I own a Nikon D300s and have RARELY shot in MANUAL mode because I didn’t understand it. I had convinced myself that it was way too complicated for me to comprehend, but after taking YOUR workshop I’m shooting in MANUAL for the rest of my photography days… smile! YOU turned the “lights on” in my head. I now see and FULLY understand what MANUAL mode is all about and why it is best to ALWAYS shoot in MANUAL mode. Thank YOU so much, Gregg! – Shutter bug Sandy 🙂

I have ventured into taking Raw images regularly and making much more use of the “M’ (manual) setting – almost ALL the time. Before your class, I was getting it slowly but you explained the whole correlation between Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO so well, with the f stops I think I’m gonna take much Better Photos NOW! – Ian Hopkinson

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