Keith Payson

Keith began taking photographs at the age of 14 and subsequently won a scholarship to the Rochester Institute of Technology, before going on to study and earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography from San Fransisco Academy of Fine Art. Keith apprenticed in photography as an assistant to Playboy Photographer Mario Cassili, and Commercial Photographer James B. Wood, and was managing photographic studios, and other productions by his early twenties.
Producing television commercials was a natural progression for Keith after working with some of the biggest and brightest talent in the world of advertising. Celebrity endorsed commercials became a specialty for him, yet still produced a wide range of commercials from General Motors to Mattel, including a beer commercial for the Superbowl.
In a second career transition Keith determined long-form storytelling via feature films was his new goal. Within 18 months he was producing films for Paramount Home Video. As Head of Production Keith produced 11 films for Paramount Home Video before moving on to a career as an independent line-producer for notables such as Fox Searchlight Pictures and Columbia Tri-Star Television. He has solid experience in the business of Visual Arts, with a deep respect for the photographic skills that got him there.
Keith still practices Fine Art and Portrait Photography, and through his classes provides his students amazing insight into their business needs and structure. His teaching style and robust knowledge enables him to relate real-life examples to your photographic situation, which is an invaluable addition to the photographic fundamentals and techniques he teaches.